What is Graft

Enabling sales & marketing professionals to present powerful brand experiences using their mobile device.



Graft is a native presentation and publishing tool for mobile.

While publishing and presentation tools have evolved over the past ten to fifteen years, most of them are still focused on desktop and web delivery only. Authoring and presenting content on mobile devices is something else. Graft has democratized the native content publishing process for mobile, and provides a powerful presentation and publishing platform for native mobile content delivery.

Graft provides users with a true mobile presentation platform designed for delivery using mobile devices.



Graft is not an ‘app builder’. It’s a mobile publishing platform in which non-technical professionals and digital teams can focus on grafting unique brand and sales experiences, rather than having to consider a technology investment to deliver their presentations exclusively for mobile. Using a suite of templates, users can plan and create engaging experiences ranging from sales and marketing presentations, portfolios, kiosks, catalogues, interactive guides and more.

How people are using Graft

Professionals rely on a myriad of online and offline tools to captivate and sell their message to clients. Within the creative industries alone, there are more than 10 million creative professionals working in the US today. Roles range from Designers, Photographers, Architects, Videographers, Illustrators, Visual Artists, Decorators and more. The list keeps going, and this is just the US.

Sales and Marketing Presentations

Graft enables professionals to plan and create engaging presentations for delivery on mobile devices. No more lugging laptops to boardrooms and sprucing tired looking PowerPoint decks.

Tablet-Storytelling-mockup-website-800 Graft transforms your sales and marketing presentations from bland slides to powerful visual storytelling that enables you to embed your messaging with new prospects and existing customers.

Documents, Manuals & Guides

Graft empowers corporate and educational communicators to create engaging native mobile experience with embedded instructional video and links to online resources. Now those drab and flat documents can be grafted as beautiful and engaging experiences that you and your team can quickly assemble and publish.


Graft provides a powerful solution for turning any type of document, manual or guide into an engaging asset that will connect and influence the end user.


Organizations, both large and small, will continue to pursue a physical digital presence. We are already surrounded by these telepresence applications. When we do our own check out at a retail store. When we perform self check-in at the airport. When we visit an institution, like a hospital, university or museum. Designing kiosk experiences and managing the information distribution is still a costly exercise.


Graft enables these same organizations to design and establish information discovery points for use across commercial tablets without having to go long on the investment.


Millions of trees are culled each year so we can enjoy the tactile experience of opening that new catalogue when it arrives in the mail. Beautiful publications printed on heavy stock and smelling of high quality ink. We hope this never disappears, but as a society we’ve abused the tradition of printing. Additionally, no thought is given to the waste that comes from throwing these publications into the trash.


Graft offers a true paradigm shift from hardcopy to softcopy. With the opportunity to embed video and link to existing ecommerce assets, organizations can deliver the next level of retail nirvana.


How Graft works


Using a web browser, you first plan and assemble your presentation. Once you’re happy with your new presentation, you then click Publish and send your presentation to Graft publishing environment. Switching to the Graft app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can then present your unique sales and marketing presentation.

The Web authoring environment

Once you have created an account, you can log into http://author.grafthq.com Graft separates your publications into either ‘Draft’ or ‘Published’. You can create an unlimited number of publications.


The authoring environment enables you to define your publication as a collection of Chapters and Slides. Just like a book, Chapters present main points within your publication, and Slides represent pages within the Chapter.


Slides enable you to choose from a range of Content Types to determine how you would like to plan and present your content. You can embed multiple Content Types within a single Slide which offers enormous flexibility in how content is presented to the end user.


The Native App

Once you’ve logged into the app, Graft separates publications into ‘Drafts’ and ‘Publications’. Tapping on ‘Drafts’ allows you to view your presentations that are still in development, and where you can continue editing them via the Graft Web Authoring environment.


Tapping on ‘Publications’ will allow you to present your completed and published sales and marketing presentations.


Who are we?

We’re an innovative software company with creative and technical teams in the United States and Australia. We’re passionate about creating digital products. By day, we create web and mobile solutions for customers across every industry vertical using our products. By night, we’re misfits and pirates, exploring fringe technologies and obsessing over creating improved user experiences. Graft represents a pipeline of ongoing product innovation within our company. We have successfully bootstrapped our commercial product development solely from organic growth. The company has not taken any outside investment to date.