Enabling sales & marketing professionals to present powerful brand experiences using their mobile device.



Graft enables you to design powerful sales & marketing presentations for screening directly from your iPhone & iPad.

Marketing and Communications professionals can now design engaging brand presentations and interactive guides for delivery on iPhone and iPad.

Social engagement

Graft enables you to promote your presentations across LinkedIn and Twitter.

Beautiful layout

Turn your dull & drab slide decks into stunning & engaging mobile presentations that enhance your message.

Share your Presentations

Once you’ve blown away everyone in the room, share your presentation across the web.

Graft Features

Graft is mobile presentation platform. Designed to enable sales & marketing professionals to create powerful and engaging presentations for delivery on their phone or tablet.

Forget those dull & drab PowerPoint slides. Graft turns your sales & marketing content into gorgeous interactive presentations that will make people sit up and take notice.

Common uses for Graft include:
Sales and Marketing decks
Making your boss look incompetent
Interactive Guides
Look Books
Blowing away new customers
Making your competitors look like they are stuck in 2001

Graft comes loaded with a range of beautiful templates that will make you a boardroom rock star.

Upload your photo’s and drag and drop them into the pre-defined presentation templates. Choose the preferred layout template and then add your text to sell your message.

The Graft web app

Graft was designed to allow professionals to carefully design and tailor their sales and marketing messages. Plan and design your presentations using a web browser.

The Graft iOS app

Graft then turns your web presentation into a smoking hot native app. You’ll literally stun people with your gorgeous presentations that present effortlessly from your iPhone or iPad.

Graft is a presentation tool designed for mobile presentations, and was created to elevate the busy professional to stardom.

Graft was designed to enable individuals, groups and entire digital teams to design and create beautiful and powerful presentations for delivery on mobile devices.

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  • The core Graft platform - completely free
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  • Includes access to multiple design templates
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for unlimited users


  • Includes Analytics + access to multiple design templates
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